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We have been growing mangoes for more than 75 years, in 1970 and 2002 new plants of mangoes added to our farms. Popular varieties of mangoes like Alphonso, Kesar, Rajapuri and Payri are grown. With emergence of new generation in this profession we started marketing of mangoes outside our area. The strong desire of developing marketing network was felt as the farmers were exploited by middlemen and hence Summerking came into existence. To help farmers to market their best mangoes at best rates all over. We decided to procure best quality mangoes directly from farmers and market them to customers all over India. Another problem observed was very high use of chemicals to grow the mangoes and also use of dangerous chemicals to ripen them. We educated farmers of best practices of mangoes farming with our long experience. We not only help farmers in selling but also by adopting good practice of organic way of farming. This organic farming also resulted in reduction in cost of cultivation for farmers. It is win-win situation for farmers as cost reduced, quality improved and they got best price. Customers also benefited in this by getting best quality of mangoes grown organically at reasonable price. Our endeavour will be to deliver best quality of mangoes to door step of customer. Summer King is constantly working with group of farmers and helping them to reach their last mile as we believe in development of farmers